Easy sharing of landscapes with clients and colleagues

Welcome to another Rival IQ Update! During this last sprint, we cooked up a couple of new features to help you share the love, and we have started making time for documenting our last year’s learnings into blog posts we hope you’ll enjoy. If you haven’t yet, go read John’s most recent post about Meta Descriptions. Then, come back to learn about how to share profiles with clients and colleagues.

Share a Profile, Make a Friend

Often, we’re asked by our customers, “how can I let someone else see the great information captured in this Rival IQ competitive profile?” Until now, we haven’t had a great answer. Being a team of folks that doesn’t like not having the answer, we have a first step ready for you to try with your clients and colleagues: profile sharing. With this feature, you’ll be able to share a copy of a profile in your account with someone else.

As always, read on to learn about the other additions and fixes that are available for you now in Rival IQ :

  • Profile Sharing Starting today, the ability to share a copy of any profile in your account is available in your profile manager. On any profile, you’ll see a button that creates a link you can share with a client or colleague. This link will give the recipient the ability to add a copy of your shared profile to their Rival IQ account. If the person (or people) with whom you share this profile do not have a Rival IQ account, this link will enable them to create a new Rival IQ account that is pre-populated with your shared profile. It is important to note that this shared copy is just that, a copy. No future changes you make to your profile will be seen by folks who have added it to their accounts and vice versa. Please contact us if you have questions or would like more specific details about how this feature works.
  • Competitive Meta Description Report In support of our blog post about Meta Descriptions this week, we created a free micro-app that creates a quick head-to-head view of your competitors Meta Descriptions. The functionality of this tool is very similar to that of our Analyze page within Rival IQ, where you can get a head-to-head- view of your competitors’ positioning language from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and their website meta tags. Go have a try at the new app, and share it with a friend. Also, if you don’t know about the competitive comparisons of positioning language in our Analyze page, go try out “Power Mode” right now (see screenshot below).

A look at profile sharing, the new Competitive Meta Description Report, and Power Mode in Analyze:


Share a copy of your profile within your Profile Manager


A look at our new Competitive Meta Description micro-app


Power mode in Analyze.

Still rolling…

We continue to make progress against a number of initiatives we’ve discussed in the past, including adding more data sources, working on data export options, and improving the usability of our web change detection capabilities. The next couple of sprints will yield good things for you, really. We’re excited. Can you feel my emotion?

We love the help you give us. Thanks!

We continue to grow and evolve our vision of how Rival IQ can help you market more effectively. Your feedback and input really does make a difference, so please don’t hesitate to email us or use our in-app messaging to let us know how to improve things for you.

Look who gave us love. This round’s thank-yous go to: TimR, RonL, MitchL, NickS, IanS, RickP, MattH, DavidC, WillM, ScottA, GregM, KrisitH, MilesA, JamieO, and StevenG. We truly appreciate all of your input and guidance.

Thank you for your continued support.

The Rival IQ Team: John, SethP, Doc, Keith, and Danielle


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